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Club History

In the early 20th century, the changing roles of women and the expansion of their interests and activities outside the home led to the creation of women’s clubs and civic organizations nationwide. Following the lead of prominent early clubs such as the Colony Club of New York (founded 1903), the movement reached its zenith in Baltimore in the 1920s. Two of the clubs formed at that time were in the prestigious Mount Vernon neighborhood: the Town Club, founded in 1928, and the Mount Vernon Club, organized in 1929. The Town Club, with its rooms in the Washington Apartments, was formed by a smaller group of ladies who lived principally in the country but wanted a pied-a-terre in town where they could lunch and entertain. The Mount Vernon Club was founded by a much larger number of mainly city residents to be both a social center and a place to pursue more serious interests such as lectures and music. The Mount Vernon Club was first located at 103 West Monument Street but in 1933 moved to 3 West Mount Vernon Place, across the park from its current location.

Early in 1941, the Mount Vernon Club’s officers learned that Mr. Blanchard Randall wished to sell his grand Greek Revival townhouse at 8 West Mount Vernon Place. They approached the Town Club about pooling their resources to buy the building and planned a merger of the two organizations. After accomplishing these endeavors in a remarkably short time, the first meeting of the combined “Mount Vernon Town Club” (as it was called until 1944) was held on May 7, 1941.

Having survived both the changing neighborhood and dramatic transformations in society and women’s lives in recent decades, the Mount Vernon Club today is a thriving organization where tradition and the modern world meet. Club members are offered extensive and varied activities geared to their evolving lifestyles and interests. A handsome redecoration in 2021 and 2022 has added a refreshed sense of style and elegance to the principal rooms. And, the club now has a beautiful tent to enhance our Courtyard setting and to extend dining options for members and their guests.